The FeatherLite, a real technological achievement of the FHR family, manages to
offer always the highest level of safety for an incredible 310g (excluding padding).
The use of very high strength carbon combined with an even more ergonomic new
definition of the legs make this FHR the lightest safety element created to date.
A revolutionary new strap passage allows perfect integration with the cockpit thanks to a new radius
of curvature that makes it easier to avoid discomfort between the helmet and the seat/headrest.
The first models are already in production for a good part of the queen class set that
reserved them a few months ago and there is no doubt that it will spread fairly quickly
in the pro categories and among the most demanding drivers in terms of performance.

Technical data

Technology: very high strength carbon
Weight: 310 grams
Available sizes: M
Available angles: 30°
Supplied with black paddings, sliding tether and protective bag
• FIA 8858-2010 certified & SFI 38.1
• New and even more ergonomic definition of legs
• A new revolutionary strap passage
• Unprecedented curvature beam facilitating the absence of
discomfort between the helmet and the seat/headrest